Email Marketing

I use the Listrak Email Content Management to store and deploy our weekly emails to announce sales and events happening throughout our 6 furniture showrooms.

I’ll send out an A and B version of these emails, and then after the sale or event is over I’ll review the open and click-through rates of both to determine which performed better. I also review which links of each to determine which performed better. All this information goes into my reports so I can make better design choices for future emails.

image of email marketing material


SEO requires constant attention. I dedicate several hours a week to problem solving and then solution implementation.

After I was hired for my current position I started by making sure our product descriptions were including our keywords.

After that I noticed that we weren’t appearing for searches of neighboring towns so I redesigned our locations page to include useful information that incorporated these towns.

My next project is to add useful text to our category pages.

image of letters spelling s e o with a graph showing an upward trend

Digital Ads

Digital media is no longer the future of marketing, it is currently a major player in the marketing plan. Through digital media we can ensure that our ads are in front of people who are shopping for our product, and not just everyone and anyone.

I place our ads through vendors like WPHL17, and NBC10 using the tracking code Google creates from my input. Along with our vendors I upload our ads through our Google and Bing Adwords accounts.

Finally, I’ll upload our sale ads to our social media outlets.

Our strongest sale days are on the weekends so the ads go up on Friday and by Monday morning I’m tracking the performance of the different message types and sizes through our Google analytics account.

image of mattress digital ad used for the fourth of July sale.

Web Design

Web Design may be listed last here, but it’s probably the most important of these categories. It is the bedrock to all the categories to the left.

If it doesn’t have useful information, the emails and digital ads aren’t pointing to anything the user needs to make an informed decision. If keywords aren’t being used sufficiently then the SEO will surely suffer.

Yes, great web design creates a strong digital marketing plan.

image of mattress information page from the Mealey's Furniture website.